Your #1 Wellness Center In Long Island

There are several reasons that we have been voted Your #1 Wellness Center in Long Island, 4 year in a row. We believe that wellness care is as important, if not more so than sick care and the more you focus on your wellness, the less need you will need for sick care. We work…


What You Should Know About Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a common chronic condition caused by an underactive thyroid gland. If you’ve just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you’re probably curious about what caused it and how you can treat it. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, you may be experiencing symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and achy joints. Many people experience the…


What Does Chiropractic Long Island Treat?

You may be wondering what chiropractic Long Island treats and what it can do for you. The list of items that chiropractic care treats is extensive here are a few of them: Weight Loss Allergies Anxiety Hair Loss Migraines Digestion Issues Pain Sciatica Issues Fatigue and so on… When your vertebrae are out of line…


Wellness Chiropractic Commack,11725

Chiropractic Commack, 11725 Care is more than just having your back “popped”. The care has been revolutionized over the years and it has a new expertise that hasn’t existed prior to today. The methods are more precise and safer; allowing you more comfort and much more effectiveness. You will also be amazed at how many…


Wellness Center Long Island

The Creating Wellness Center of Commack offers a wide range of services; all geared toward improving your health and relieving symptoms of injury or illness. Call your friendly wellness center in Long Island today to learn more.

Wellness Center Commack,11725

Our Wellness Center Commack,11725 offers several different services, all keeping your health as the top priority: Nutrition Life-style Counseling Spinal and Tissue Services Moxibustion and Much More… Instead of waiting to fall ill and then treating the sickness, we believe that is more effective to prevent the body from succumbing to sickness. By addressing all areas of…