About David Pollack, DC LAc CFMP

Specialties & Philosophy: 

Dr. Pollack specializes in the healing of digestive disorders, thyroid conditions, autoimmune diseases, weight abnormalities, emotional distress and hormone imbalances. While Dr. Pollack recognizes the importance of food and nutrition in the healing process, his goal is to get the body to a place where it can process all foods in a normal, healthy way. With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical, chemical and emotional components of the body, Dr. Pollack aims to restore all systems to their optimal function so that healing can occur and patients can get back to living healthy, active lives. 

Education & Certifications: 

Dr. Pollack completed his undergraduate studies at both Tufts University and Columbia University. After battling digestive issues of his own, Dr. Pollack decided to pursue a career in holistic health and wellness. He went on to gain his doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. During his studies there, he studied advanced nutrition in Traditional Chinese, and botanical medicine. To further his education in the holistic healing of the body, he returned to school to attain his masters degree in acupuncture.

Some of his additional certifications include:

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner CFMP – Functional Medicine University

Certified Advanced Holistic Digestive Health Specialist – Loomis Institute    

Nimmo Technique – Nimmo Inc    

Certified Applied Kinesiology  – International College of Applied Kinesiologists    

Diagnosis and Management of Extremity Conditions – Dale Buchberger Seminars

Network Spinal – EpiEnergetics 

Awards & Recognition: 

Throughout his career, Dr. Pollack has been recognized for the extensive care he provides to his patients. Pollack Wellness took home 1st place several years in a row for Best of Long Island. The categories of recognition include Best Holistic Wellness Center, Best Alternative Doctor, Best Nutritionist, Best Weight Loss Center, Best Allergist, and Best Chiropractor (2nd Place award). 

Dr. Pollack was also awarded the Best Lecturer/Motivational Speaker award by Action Long Island’s Second Wellness Challenge. In addition, Pollack Wellness received a citation for Public Service in 2011 by the Nassau County Legislature.