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Undergoing regular cleansing and detoxification is a healthy practice with a long tradition. In the past, our diets and environment would change with the seasons, incorporate natural foods, and were free of artificial chemicals.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to filter out toxins when our systems can keep up with our exposure. The liver, kidneys, digestive system, and skin all take part in a healthy detoxification/cleanse process. However, with a modern load of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and food additives, which build up over time, our natural cleansing systems benefit from focused nutritional support.


Research shows that some common chemical compounds persist and accumulate in our bodies and cause disruption to the function of reproductive, neurological, and immune systems even at minuscule levels.1 Eliminating these accumulated toxins within targeted systems might call for a colon cleanse or liver cleanse, specifically, while all systems benefit from a whole body cleanse.

10 Signs You Need Cleansing and Detoxification

Your systems might be under strain from accumulated toxins if you have:

  1. An insatiable sweet tooth
  2. Frequent digestive distress
  3. Allergies which are not seasonal
  4. Skin problems or cold sores
  5. Mental or physical fatigue
  6. Sore joints or chronic aches
  7. Difficulty losing weight
  8. Hormonal imbalances
  9. Bad breath or body odor
  10. Brittle nails or hair loss

Is It the Right Time to Start a Body Detox Cleanse?

You might want to jump right into an intensive detoxifying program, but timing is important. If your load of accumulated toxins is high, the process can be intense and should be undertaken with a functional medicine doctor’s supervision. Healing preparations and strength building may be necessary before you are ready to detoxify.


At Pollack Wellness, we offer a wide array of non-invasive cleansing strategies, including cleanses and detoxes for weight loss, which allows us to focus on your unique needs and preferences. The process lasts somewhere between a week and a month, depending on your individualized treatment plan.

There are three stages to the process:

  1. Eliminating foods which cause inflammation while consuming foods that bind toxins and stimulate the bowel. Specific supplements will be used to support the process at the cellular level, and drinking plenty of water fully hydrates the body.
  2. Fresh foods, juices, and supplements which support liver function are increased, and hydration levels are maintained to flush out toxins through the kidneys, digestive system, and skin.
  3. Healing the digestive system by replenishing nutrients and healthy gut bacteria restores this vital system to optimal function. Inflammatory foods may be reintroduced gradually to learn more about your individual reactions to them.


Following a successful targeted cleanse or full body detoxification, you will feel lighter, healthier, and fully energized. You may be inspired to embrace a new way of living which lessens the chemical and inflammatory stresses on your body and focuses on functional wellness.

Scheduling a cleansing and detoxification at Pollack Wellness Institute will promote healing from many chronic health issues and can even jumpstart your weight loss program! Reach out to us in Commack or Plainview for more information on the right approach to your own optimal health program.