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When healing from illness or surgery, it is important to consider the body holistically. All the body’s functional systems are affected after surgery and during sports injury rehabilitation. To promote fast and complete healing, your functional medicine doctor’s approach will be to optimize the function of the endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems in order to facilitate healing.

Functional Systems in Recovery


Working proactively to facilitate recovery from the effects of surgery begins with functional nutrition and extends to a variety of therapies and techniques that alleviate pain and restore the optimal function of the body.


Nourish & Restore


Anesthesia during surgery shuts down or impairs the functional systems. Waking those systems up and supporting their recovery starts with healing nutrition. The digestive system, in particular, will need nutrient-dense, easily digested foods, vitamins, and natural supplements to bring it back to healthy balance.

Air and fluid trapped within the body during surgery can cause neck and shoulder pain. Dispelling these side effects requires the vascular and immune systems to identify and carry away the accumulated fluids and gases. A functional nutrition evaluation will identify the best nutrition plan for post-surgical healing.


Treat Scars, Relieve Pain, and Promote Healing


Acupuncture uses very fine sterile needles to stimulate healing and relieve pain. These methods have been successful for thousands of years in treating scars, back pain, nerve trauma, and many other complex conditions.

Acupressure stimulates the nervous system and promotes healing by applying pressure to acupuncture points and nerve centers. Cold Laser Therapy is another acupuncture alternative which uses light to speed up healing and increase energy production within the cells.


Ease into Activity


Within a day or two of sitting still, the effects of inactivity on the muscles, joints, and circulatory system can be felt. Even before physical therapy begins, getting out of bed and moving around supports the healing processes. A visit to your chiropractor for post-surgical care as soon as possible will help relieve the effects of forced inactivity during surgery recovery.


Manage Stress


The physical trauma of surgery and side effects of anesthesia put physical stress on the body’s systems. Family impacts, frustration at inactivity, and financial worries produce mental stress, which also slows recovery.

Relaxation, focused meditation, and nutritional support can relieve these stresses and also help manage lingering pain. Don’t overlook the power of the mind in supporting the physical systems’ return to optimal function.


Detoxify and Rebuild


The immediate effects of surgery include swelling, shoulder or lower back pain, subcutaneous bleeding, nausea, and memory loss. Diagnostic tests can leave lingering radioactive toxins, and narcotics can change the balance of neurochemicals. After the immediate effects have been treated, consider a mild cleansing or detoxification program.

Removing the chemical burden boosts the immune system and brings natural hormones and brain chemicals into self-sustaining balance. Herbs, teas, organic foods, juices, and natural supplements may all be part of a functional nutrition plan to detoxify the body and rebuild strong systems that work in harmony again.

man stretching to heal from surgery

Building Individual Resiliency


There is no single diet or supplement that will accomplish this goal. You have individual and unique needs when it comes to optimal nutrition and functional wellness. By specializing in the holistic healing of complex conditions, Pollack Wellness Institute provides some of  the best combinations of therapies and expertise in sports injury rehabilitation available in New York.

Rebound from surgery as quickly as possible and experience true whole-body healing. Schedule an appointment in Commack  and find out what combination of ancient and modern techniques will best support your healing after surgery and your optimal health for the future.

Functional Medicine is All About You. 

Wellness is not just the absence of disease, but a daily feeling of health and well-being. Functional medicine provides the body with balance and strength from the inside out by healing the root causes of disease to foster your true vitality.

If you’re looking for a top acupuncturist, call Pollack Wellness or schedule a 15-minute discovery call today to learn how our functional medicine doctors and holistic services can help you.