About Megan Pfiffner MS, CNS
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Education & Certifications: 

Megan is a functional nutritionist living in Brooklyn NY. After receiving her master’s from the University of Bridgeport; the oldest integrative nutrition program in the country, she spent a year in the Functional Nutrition Residency Program (FNRP) of methylation researcher and functional doctor Dr. Kara Fitzgerald.  She is a certified nutrition specialist (CNS) having accumulated over 1,000 supervised hours and passed the board exam.

Experience & Specialties: 

Megan specializes in women’s health supporting clients with hormonal imbalances, and those in treatment for depression or anxiety.  Her goal is to help clients take charge of their own health.  She believes in using a holistic approach: treating the entire body as an ecosystem rather than symptom-based band-aids.  The health challenges that she faced in her late 20’s altered the trajectory of her life and eventually led to a career change.  Her aim is to use her own health journey to provide better support and faster results for her clients.