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Welcome to Pollack Wellness, where we provide hope for those who feel like they have exhausted all options. If you’re suffering from chronic digestive, autoimmune, thyroid, or hormone conditions and haven’t found relief, you’re in the right place. Our unique approach targets the root cause of your symptoms, enabling you to reclaim your health and vitality.

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How it Works

Your journey to wellness starts here.


You’ll meet with one of our functional nutritionists virtually to discuss your health concerns and symptoms. We’ll provide insights and recommendations.

Extensive Testing

Using advanced bloodwork and urinalysis, we’ll get a holistic view of your health. The doctor will review your results and work with your functional nutritionists to customize a health plan and supplement regimen.

Report of Findings

We’ll meet with you virtually to review your results and give you an in-depth look into your health—including your vitamin levels, hormones, thyroid status, and more.


Based on our findings, we customize a functional medicine program for you, which includes weekly visits with your functional nutritionist. 


Our Specialties

Getting to the root cause of chronic conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program virtual or in person?

Our virtual program is solely an online membership where you will meet with a functional nutritionist via video calls. If you live in the Long Island area and wish to come in person, call our office to make an appointment.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine aims to determine and heal the root cause of chronic conditions. This is an individualized approach to health and recognizes the connection of the mind, body, and gut in systematic wellness.

Why choose Pollack Wellness?

Pollack Wellness is a top-rated wellness center with over 15 years of experience. We’ve helped hundreds of people find wellness after years of suffering from chronic illnesses. See some of our testimonials here.

Who will I be meeting with every week?

Each week, you will meet with your functional nutritionist. Your functional nutritionist works under the guidance of Dr. Pollack, who oversees all patient testing and care.

How often will I meet with my functional nutritionist?

After your initial testing and report of findings, you will meet weekly with your functional nutritonist. During these meetings, we will discuss custom solutions for your specific health needs using a functional medicine approach. We will also go over topics such as healing the gut, meal prepping, food upgrades, and stress management.

What does my membership include?

We use all-inclusive pricing so you know how much your healthcare will be upfront. Our memberships include a broad panel of advanced bloodwork (~9-11 pages of results), a urinalysis test, a 1-hour report of findings, 6 visits with your functional nutritionist, and your initial supply of supplements.

How many supplements will I be given?

Most patients will receive a custom combination of 3 supplements to be taken daily.

How long will it take me to start feeling better?

Typically, our patients begin feeling changes within the first 2-3 weeks of care. Although typical, everyone is different and therefore these results vary per patient.

Real Patients, Real Results.

Joe Tesoro
Joe Tesoro
Always a great experience at Pollack Wellness. Awesome staff and Dr’s. Thanks again!
Rakhee Kulkarni
Rakhee Kulkarni
All of the staff at Pollack Wellness seems so genuinely healthy and happy *because* they’re working there. I just had my second appointment with Dr. Clemenza and she spent so much time with me, explained everything in detail, and I feel very optimistic! I have so many health issues and I believe Pollack Wellness can help me.
Christine Morga
Christine Morga
I can’t give enough positive feedback about my experience at Pollack Wellness. Everyone at the office is extremely helpful, friendly, and informative. Dr. Pollack is the most thorough, patient, and knowledgeable medical professional that I’ve ever met. His chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture treatments are amazing, as well as his bloodwork analysis. After my first treatment I was thrilled to be able to choose a detox protocol- red light sauna or ionic foot bath. I definitely recommend Pollack Wellness for everyone interested in obtaining optimal health.
Brianna Marie
Brianna Marie
Juliana is the absolute best! Her acupuncture is amazing, effective, and I know I’m in good hands!
Laurie McIntyre
Laurie McIntyre
Never disappointed Leave feeling very understood from the front desk to the treatment room and Dr.Pollack
Don O'Brien
Don O'Brien
Outstanding office climate and atmosphere
Mary Middlemiss
Mary Middlemiss
I feel so much better and have much more energy after going to Pollack Wellness. The staff is great and the supplements they supply work very well.
Patricia Herlihy
Patricia Herlihy
Dr Pollack is very knowledgeable. He listens to all you have to say and then treat’s according. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Always a good experience
Rich Sciarrone
Rich Sciarrone
great experience went in with shoulder /neck pain and left starting to feel better