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Having any chronic condition is difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the symptoms of your condition, but also the effects of those challenges on your relationships. How do you help your loved ones understand how hypothyroidism affects your life? How do you continue to be an active participant when you are feeling tired, frustrated, or simply not yourself. Though it can be hard for those that are most important in your lives to completely grasp how this condition affects you, there are ways to stay connected and gain the support that you need.



The best way to connect with your loved one and to help them understand what it means to have hypothyroidism, is to communicate with them. It is always effective to explain or clarify something as it comes up on a daily basis. However, taking time to talk about what hypothyroidism means for you is the best way to educate your loved one and to feel heard. Invite your loved one to dinner or write them a letter that discusses not only your hypothyroid treatment that you are receiving in Long Island, but also your struggles, and how the challenges that you face make you feel. Also, provide practical examples to show them how to best support you.


Ask for Support


Your partner and loved ones, in many cases, do want to support you, but they might not know how. In other cases, your loved ones may not realize that you need support: if they have never experienced what it is like to have hypothyroidism, they may not know the challenges that you face. If you want to have more support, ask for it. However, be specific. Give examples of the kind of encouragement or help you need.


Be Active Together


When you spend time with your loved ones, be active! Instead of sitting down to watch a movie after dinner, suggest going for a walk first. Train for a fitness event together, or find an activity like tennis that you both will enjoy. Exercise can often be a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only will you both feel energized and experience the benefits of getting up and moving, but you can also enjoy conversations that you might not have had, if you’d chosen a sedentary activity.  


Find Ways to be Intimate


Hypothyroidism presents its challenges and one of those is feeling tired and a lower libido. When you feel you are struggling to have the energy and drive you need, find other ways to experience intimacy with your partner. Cuddling, holding hands, and giving a massage are all ways to be intimate and may naturally increase your drive.


Be Patient


It’s easy to feel frustrated with yourself, your body, and the people around you, but do your best to remember that everything takes time. The adjustment period may seem frustrating, but remember it is necessary and won’t last forever. Be sure to be upfront about your needs and how your loved ones can be there for you.

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