1. I am a different person

    “To my surprise I am a different person. I feel less anxiety and more compassion.” Suzie G.

    *Individual results may vary.

    Suzie G
  2. My skin improved

    My skin improved as well as my emotional well-being.

    *Individual results may vary.

    Samantha R
  3. I thought I had energy

    “I thought I had energy. After 1 week, now I know what energy and feeling better really is and what it should be.”

    *Individual results may vary.

    Prescilla S
  4. I feel amazing.

    “I went a full week without a headache at all! I feel amazing. I can’t believe the quick results!!”

    *Individual results may vary.

    Lisa S.
  5. I feel calmer and healthier

    “I feel calmer and healthier since I started on enzymes and cleaning my diet. My weight in one week went down which in the past I had trouble losing even one pound!”

    *Individual results may vary.

    Laurie F
  6. living life is GREAT

    Losing weight, sleeping better, feeling more energy, living life is GREAT! I am now off my acid reflux medication!”

    *Individual results may vary.

    Larry F
  7. The staff is extremely pleasant

    “The staff is extremely pleasant. The girls are very helpful answering questions and always available when I call.”

    Katherine L
  8. Dr. Pollack knew what I needed

    “He is a wise man and an intelligent diagnostician. Dr. Pollack knew what I needed to be well again!”

    *Individual results may vary.

    Karen G
  9. I gained energy

    “I gained energy, my sleep increased and the inflammation in my ears subsided. I also managed my weight better.”

    *Individual results may vary.

    George G
  10. Chiropractic Care

    I initially came to the Wellness Center for help with aches and pains, specifically hip and shoulder ailments. Also, a close friend seemed to be benefiting from the enzyme therapy, so I was curious to learn more about it-especially how the plan might help to alleviate digestive issues I’ve had for many years. I have come to the center regularly for about a year and a half. My hip and shoulder pain is virtually non-existent. When either acts up, Dr. Pollack’s adjustments settle things down immediately!

    *Individual results may vary.