Words. Cannot. Describe. How happy I am that I found Pollack Wellness Institute. But for the sake of this review I will try to describe it as best I can. I had terrible IBS for about 4 years to the point that whenever I ate food I would get extremely bad migraines and just wanted to sleep.

John Stroumbos

Imagine a doctor who looks at the whole picture of you...That's Dr. Pollack!
He sees not just your symptoms, but the root causes and corrects the body's mode of operation to function better!

Karen Garofalo

I am always pleasantly surprised leaving Dr. Pollack's office. Mostly because when I started going two months ago I did not know what to expect or if anything would actually help me. But as I tell Dr. Pollack, he is like a magician; so many areas immediately improved and others are continuing to improve.

Danielle Bucci