1. Top 7 Ways to Treat Hypothyroidism Naturally

    If you’ve been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you’re probably interested in learning about all of your treatment options. Many people will head straight to a doctor for hypothyroidism treatment. While that might be a good option for some patients, others are interested in holistic alternatives. Be aware that most conventional doctors will start you on a synthetic thyroid hormone treat…Read More

  2. The Importance of Nutrition in Crohn’s Disease Treatment

    Taking a functional medicine approach to Crohn's disease treatment starts with seeking the root cause of this chronic inflammatory condition, then supporting the body's natural healing systems to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Diet plays a key role in reducing inflammation, improving intestinal permeability, and supporting mucosal healing for Crohn's disease patients.1 In addition to relieving the …Read More

  3. The Body-Balancing Benefits of Moxibustion

    Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese therapy which has been in use for more than 2500 years.1 Similar to cupping therapy, this treatment uses therapeutic heat on specific acupoints to balance and support the body's functional systems and treat chronic disease. Let's explore this ancient technique and the wide array of conditions which benefit from moxibustion treatment. The Three Types of Moxibust…Read More

  4. Barely Functioning or Fully Functional? Here’s What You Should Know About Functional Medicine

    Finding an evidence-based approach to healing chronic disease may have sparked your interest in functional medicine. While conventional allopathic medicine works well for acute disease, infection, and trauma, the best functional medicine doctors are breaking new ground by seeking the root cause of chronic illness and supporting the body's self-healing systems. There are many holistic and alternati…Read More

  5. Getting to the Root of Crohn’s Disease: A Functional Medicine Approach

    Getting diagnosed with Crohn’s disease can be stressful and overwhelming. To make things worse, the initial diagnosis is usually followed by more bad news: Crohn’s disease has no known cause and no known cure. Newly diagnosed patients may leave the doctor’s office feeling pretty discouraged. If you’ve battled the symptoms of Crohn’s long enough to experience your first flare-up, you prob…Read More

  6. Benefits of Fighting Hypothyroidism with Exercise

    When you have hypothyroidism, simple tasks like getting to work and running errands can feel like an exhausting workout. You’ve probably heard that exercise can help you manage your symptoms, but it seems impossible when you’re achy, fatigued, and depressed. Even if it sounds difficult, the benefits of regular exercise for people with hypothyroidism are too impressive to ignore. Reading about …Read More

  7. Your Guide to Acupuncture Treatment in the 21st Century

    Acupuncture treatment has become increasingly popular over the past few decades, as people look for alternatives to conventional Western medicine. As more and more flock to holistic medical clinics in order to ease their pain and improve their health, it might be well to ask: What is acupuncture? Where did it come from and how does it work?   What Is Acupuncture? An acupuncturist inserts thin nee…Read More

  8. For Relief from IBD Symptoms, Just Add Exercise

    If you regularly experience irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, you’ve probably already tried tweaking your diet or taking supplements to heal your gut. While nutrition and supplements  a great start, did you know that regular exercise can also relieve IBD symptoms? How Exercise Helps Bowel Disorders Functional medicine doctors have long understood the benefits of regular exercise on overall hea…Read More

  9. What You Should Know About Hypothyroidism

    Hypothyroidism is a common chronic condition caused by an underactive thyroid gland. If you’ve just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you’re probably curious about what caused it and how you can treat it. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, you may be experiencing symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and achy joints. Many people experience the symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland fo…Read More

  10. Recovering from Surgery – the Functional Medicine Way

    When healing from illness or surgery, it is important to consider the body holistically. All the body's functional systems are affected after surgery and during sports injury rehabilitation. To promote fast and complete healing, your functional medicine doctor's approach will be to optimize the function of the endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems in order to facilitate healing. Functional Sys…Read More