What is a Reset Program?

Reset your health, reset your life.

What is a Reset Program?

Oftentimes as we get older, we start to develop unpleasant symptoms without any definite reason for why they’re there or how to heal them. As time goes on, these symptoms can worsen or more symptoms come along leaving us feeling like a prisoner to aches, pains, and illnesses.

We search for relief in numerous doctors, extensive testing, and a variety of medications, all in pursuit of one thing — getting our health back. Unfortunately, we are often left without any real answers or solutions and feel more hopeless and frustrated than ever. We’ve been there — and that’s why we’ve created our Reset Programs.

Our Reset Programs are designed for those who struggle with chronic conditions and want to bring their body back to optimal health. Using a holistic approach to wellness, and analyzing issues physically, chemically and emotionally,  we work to restore all of the systems in the body. 

We know that everything is connected, and that deficiencies in one area of the mind or body can lead to seemingly unrelated symptoms. It is our sole mission to find these root problems and eradicate them, so that you can get back to living a full, healthy life.

We customize all of our memberships to the unique individual, but grouped the most common issues into these four major Reset Programs: 

Our Popular Reset Programs

Autoimmune Reset

Autoimmune conditions typically start out with a general feeling of being unwell — fatigue, difficulty concentrating...

Digestion Reset

Digestion issues are one of the most common cases we see in our office and can be very frustrating...

Thyroid Reset

Thyroid conditions are one of our main focuses at Pollack Wellness, and we’ve helped hundreds of patients understand their condition...

Weight Loss Reset

Our Weight Loss Reset program is perfect for those who want to lose weight, but struggle to shed the pounds....

Using in-depth medical and nutritional analyses and comprehensive testing, we aim to fully understand the body and get an idea of which organs are under stress.

Using this information, we curate a custom combination of enzymes and vitamins to assist the body in healing these areas. In addition, we schedule regular visits to ensure the body is on track to optimal health. These visits may include chiropractic, deep tissue work, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and detoxification services. 

We understand the frustrations and stress that accompany a chronic disease, and we want you to feel fully heard and supported. During this 30-week program, you will have our full support every step of the way as we restore your health, and in turn, your life.