“Since beginning at the Pollack Wellness Institute, my life has been forever changed. My eyes are no longer puffy/ swollen, I sleep through the night, my anxiety is at an all time low not requiring medication anymore, and I even have lost over 20 pounds without trying."

Kimberly G.

“If you are considering a holistic approach to improving your health and well-being Pollack Wellness is your place. Dr. Pollack's expertise in treating digestive and intestinal issues, hormone imbalances and other medical conditions, stress and pain is unmatched. You are never too old, too heavy, too sick to benefit from these services."

Diane P.

“If you have an issue that no one can seem to figure out or you are looking to improve your health and well being I highly recommend Pollack Wellness Institute.”

Marian M.

“In recent weeks I have eliminated a few medications for heartburn and BP. I now have a renewed intrinsic energy that I have not had in years & a much better outlook on my health and well being!
The services & staff are top notch & offer a variety of rejuvenating/ empowering therapies!
I cant thank you enough for the early returns”

Greg A.

“He was the first doctor who actually wanted to find out the root cause of why certain things were going on, instead of just giving me something to treat it.”

Joseph C.

“I can’t say enough good things about Pollack Wellness! I have finally found a place where I feel comfortable for my holistic health needs, not only to be treated but also to learn about my overall health. Dr. Pollack is very informative and the entire staff is friendly and helpful. I absolutely recommend Pollack Wellness to anyone having health issues that are not easily treatable by typical doctors or looking to improve their overall health.”

Jerian D.

“I don't usually review/comment on most things but I felt the need to today. Can I just say WOW. This place is a gem. I've been w/ them for a few years now. My regular migraines and stomach pain have all but disappeared through treatment and the right supplements.”

Arati M.

"It's wonderful to know they care about my progress sincerely. They help me to understand my health as a whole person. It's a revelation to understand my digestion & my joints are telling me the same story. Best of all, Dr. Pollack & the staff have me feeling so wonderful!”

Suzanne D.

“I have seen improvements with my stomach as well as my overall health. I have been sleeping better, feel more relaxed and have a lot less strain on my stomach. I highly recommend Dr. Pollack, he not only cares about his patient’s health, but also cares about their well-being and does whatever he can to make you feel comfortable. Definitely a 5 star experience!!”

Lindsey M.

“The Pollack Wellness Institute is life changing! Dr. Pollack and his staff are so kind from the moment you walk in. I have never been to an office so friendly and caring for each patient. What I love most about PWI, is their ability to take the time to really find out what's going with your particular body. “

Marco E.

“I’ve suffered for years with migraines that would leave me bedridden. Years of head scans, mri, gluten free diets, different medications, etc I finally listened to my family and paid a visit to Dr Pollack’s office. His staff is friendly and he is professional & personable. After several visits my migraines have minimized and I can now spend more time focused on my work."

George D.

“The office is peaceful. The staff is very helpful. Dr Pollack focuses on treating the root causes of health issues. I have lost 40 lbs and feel more energetic since I started treatment”

Amal S.

“Before seeing Dr Pollack, tiredness, joint pain, weight gain, anxiety, and chronic sinus infections were a part of my everyday life. The doctors attributed it to Hoshimoto’s and couldn’t offer me relief. After one week with Dr Pollack the differences were astounding and I continue to feel better and better as the months progress. My energy levels are through the roof, I am pain free, have lost weight and am able to enjoy exercise again.”

Karen P.