Building A Bridge

It is common in our modern culture to live well into your 80′s, 90′s or further!   What is your quality of life now? What will your quality of life be then?

In today’s world, new wellness strategies are required to help us live a long life with energy and vitality. Nowadays, many people rely solely on prescriptions and surgery to keep them going. That is what we call “sick care”;  the treatment of sickness and disease once it has already manifested itself within us- not on preventing these things in the first place.

We at Pollack Wellness Institute believe that health and wellness care and prevention is just as important as sick care and will, in fact, reduce the amount of sick care you may require. If you are currently experiencing a health challenge, the team at our wellness center will support you and work alongside your medical team, while at the same time introduce you to strategies that will allow you to repair, recover and ultimately thrive utilizing the best of both worlds, health and wellness care and medical care. Think of us as the bridge that connects the two.

Having a medical condition or experiencing chronic symptoms does not imply that you are broken… it is generally a sign of stress. Quite possibly,  your organs, muscles or nerves are stressed but not broken.  Your liver, kidneys, gallbladder, stomach and many other organs can be stressed, overworked and underpaid!  They will function minimally, but are stressed and likely depleted in their ability to manufacture the enzymes necessary for good health.

You can be helped with a comprehensive health and wellness program. The health care team at Pollack Wellness Institute will help you on your way to better health!