1. The Use of Enzyme Replacement in Functional Medicine

    What we eat has a huge impact on our overall health. As our dietary habits have changed, a growing number of people find themselves eating highly processed foods as well as genetically modified foods. Because of these factors, more and more people are diagnosed with chronic illnesses and digestive disorders. Many of these illnesses are a result of nutrient malabsorption, which is caused by a lack …Read More

  2. The Body-Balancing Benefits of Moxibustion

    Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese therapy which has been in use for more than 2500 years.1 Similar to cupping therapy, this treatment uses therapeutic heat on specific acupoints to balance and support the body's functional systems and treat chronic disease. Let's explore this ancient technique and the wide array of conditions which benefit from moxibustion treatment. The Three Types of Moxibust…Read More

  3. Barely Functioning or Fully Functional? Here’s What You Should Know About Functional Medicine

    Finding an evidence-based approach to healing chronic disease may have sparked your interest in functional medicine. While conventional allopathic medicine works well for acute disease, infection, and trauma, the best functional medicine doctors are breaking new ground by seeking the root cause of chronic illness and supporting the body's self-healing systems. There are many holistic and alternati…Read More

  4. Recovering from Surgery – the Functional Medicine Way

    When healing from illness or surgery, it is important to consider the body holistically. All the body's functional systems are affected after surgery and during sports injury rehabilitation. To promote fast and complete healing, your functional medicine doctor's approach will be to optimize the function of the endocrine, digestive, and nervous systems in order to facilitate healing. Functional Sys…Read More

  5. Summer Sports Injury Rehabilitation? 8 Healing Activities to Explore

    Summer calls to athletes with great outdoor opportunities to experience and new challenges to overcome. During sports injury rehabilitation your favorite sport might be off the table, but getting out and experiencing the season with holistic activities can be a chance to explore new fitness techniques. During your rehabilitation and physical therapy, be sure to check with your functional medicine …Read More

  6. Functional Medicine: The Answer to Chronic Illness?

    Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine in that it focuses on the body's basic functions and its innate ability to heal. Restoring the body to its optimal function, supporting the body's systems, and enhancing overall wellness are at the core of this methodology. Conventional medicine is based on the practice of matching the medication to the symptom set, rather than treating the ro…Read More