Summer calls to athletes with great outdoor opportunities to experience and new challenges to overcome. During sports injury rehabilitation your favorite sport might be off the table, but getting out and experiencing the season with holistic activities can be a chance to explore new fitness techniques.

During your rehabilitation and physical therapy, be sure to check with your functional medicine doctor on what type of exercise is appropriate to your phase of healing. From stretching and nutritional changes to acupuncture and meditation, these explorations can help you achieve full functional wellness and bring balance and depth to your daily routine.

relax in summer with black sunglasses on a sand beach1. Practice Outdoor Stretching, Relaxation Yoga, or Tai Chi

Join a group or class for motivation, or practice alone for some “me” time. All of these activities increase circulation, improve balance, enhance mental focus, and provide low impact exercise to keep muscles limber.

2. Chill Out with Hot Tub, Swimming, or Water Exercises

Our natural buoyancy in water and the increased resistance it provides make water exercise a great alternative to high-impact activities. Soaking in a hot tub can improve circulation, speed healing, and relieve knee or shoulder pain.

3. Stop and Smell the Roses

Just because you can’t bike the trails or hike long distances doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Drive to a new destination or an old favorite and take a gentle walk or sit and read. Bring water, healthy snacks, and a camera, and then just enjoy the day.

4. Hydrate, Cleanse, and Detoxify

What better time to focus on nutrition and optimal conditions for healing? Consider a

functional nutrition screening and spend time learning about your individual dietary needs. Starting with optimal nutrition now will help your body recover from this and any future injuries.

5. Become Great at Something New

If you have always wanted to learn how to juggle, knit, or speak Swedish, look at this as a perfect opportunity. Sign up for a painting or pottery class or try your hand at a woodworking project. The challenge and satisfaction of mastering something new will help fulfill your drive for performance.

6. Give Yourself Permission to Sleep, Rest, and Heal

Don’t overlook the body’s need for regenerative sleep and rest while it performs the difficult tasks of rebuilding strong tissues. Be sure to get adequate sleep and recognize the importance of simply taking it easy and allowing the body to heal itself.

7. Visualize or Meditate on Performance and Healing

Many professional athletes practice visualization and meditation techniques to improve their performance. Learning how to use these techniques during this time will help you achieve your performance goals when you return to your sport.

8. Heal Twice as Efficiently

If you know you will be healing from a sports injury for several weeks or more, it might be the best time to also treat other nagging or chronic injuries. Back pain, pinched nerves, neck pain, or other ongoing issues that would benefit from chiropractic care, deep tissue massage, or acupuncture can be treated together to make the most efficient use of the time you spend recovering.

women doing yoga front of wayfarers chapelHolistic Healing Solutions

A chiropractor or sports injury rehabilitation doctor who understands how the balance of the body’s systems will spend time learning about your individual history and wellness goals. Resolving chronic pain and treating sports or physical trauma is just one part of holistic wellness.

If you are looking for guidance and help in reaching your wellness goals, schedule an appointment with Pollack Wellness Institute in Commack or Plainview today. Many patients who were living with chronic pain find complete healing in functional medicine. No matter what your starting point, let this summer be full of healthy activities that foster your holistic wellness and active lifestyle.