The Pollack Wellness Institute specializes in the use of enzymes to optimize our patient’s health and restore the body’s natural function. Our knowledge and expertise in this field is what sets us apart from other chiropractic and wellness centers and keeps our patients happy, healthy, and energized.

What is enzyme replacement nutrition? How does it work?

With the increase of processed and genetically modified foods along with nutrient deficient soil, we see more and more incidences of illness and malnutrition. It has been discovered that many of these common illnesses originate from nutrient malabsorption, which stems from a lack of food enzymes in the body. Enzyme replacement nutrition is a system for addressing these functional and nutritional deficiencies in the body and restoring our organs and glands to optimal function. Enzymes aid to digest and absorb food, strength of the immune system, balance and pH of the blood and fluids, enhancing of nerve and brain function, and achieving homeostasis, the ideal balancing of the body’s functions.

What are enzymes made of?

Enzymes are specialized natural protein molecules that help our normal biochemical reactions occur efficiently. While our bodies do make their own enzymes, these enzymes are used up quickly when we undergo excessive physical, chemical, or emotional distress. Enzyme supplements are specifically prepared enzymes and herbal formulations that target specific organs and glands to restore the optimal functions of the body. They are completely safe, and already are contained within all cells of the body.

How do you determine which enzymes to give each patient?

At the Pollack Wellness Institute, we perform a series of extensive physical exams, symptoms review, diet evaluation, and often laboratory tests. The physical exams are based on the concept of Visceral-Somatic Reflex, which highlights the weak and low-functioning areas within the body. Once the individual’s stressors are identified, Dr. Pollack selects several enzyme formulations that target those specific areas.

What can enzymes help with?

Each of the body’s metabolic functions including energy, immunity, digestion, and mineral/vitamin absorption can benefit from enzyme therapy. Many of our patients have found that enzymes helped relieve chronic symptoms of digestive problems, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, emotional distress, weight abnormalities, and other common problems. Specifically, Dr. Pollack works with many patients who suffer from GERD, heartburn/reflux, bloating, Crohn’s disease, IBS/IBD, Colitis, gallstones, food allergies/intolerance, Hypothyroidism, chronic infections, PMS/PMDD, and many other conditions both common and rare.

What kind of improvement can someone expect to experience with regular enzyme consumption?

With the aid of enzymes and regular visits to the Pollack Wellness Institute, many patients experience higher energy levels, enhanced digestion, weight loss, improved complexion, better sleeping patterns, greater focus, sharper memory, improvement in hair, skin, and nail quality, and a more positive outlook. Many of our patients come with chronic pain and illness that they haven’t been able to find relief from, despite countless doctor visits, treatments, and medications. At the Pollack Wellness Institute, it is our goal to help target these issues and their actual roots, to help alleviate these discomforts without the use of medication.