Acupuncture is a complete medical system for correcting imbalances of energy and blood in the body through the use of specific insertion of extremely fine needles into a combination of points located all over the body. It is well known and studied for pain relief but has been used for millenia to treat almost any medical illness. Most commonly it is used to relieve digestive problems, anxiety depression and stress, hormone imbalances from thyroid to menstrual to Low-T, heart palpitations and blood pressure and dozens of other health issues.

Acupuncture is generally pain-free, most not even realizing the needle has been inserted, they are really that thin. Most people find an incredible sense of relaxation and calm both during the treatment and extending well after. While many medical doctors can take certification course (100-200 hours) to be credentialed to practice acupuncture this is only for pain control therapy and not for complex conditions. A TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine Practitioner should be sought out for such help often exceeding 2500 hours in training. Both Dr. David Pollack and Juliana Gorowitz are TCM practitioners with such training.