During your consultation you’ll meet with one of our functional nutritionists to determine if you're a candidate for care. This will involve a discussion of your symptoms, diet, lifestyle, and medical history. We will also work with you to go over inclusions, costs, and finance plans.

Schedule a discovery call


Using advanced bloodwork and urinalysis, we’ll get a holistic view of your health. These tests will be included in the cost of your virtual program. The doctor will review your results and work with your functional nutritionists to customize a health plan and supplement regimen.


Supplement Regimen

Based on our findings, we create a customized supplement regimen that will help aid your body in the restoring and healing process. While we offer hundreds of different supplements, our doctors are specialized in finding a combinations that's right for you. Your virtual program will include your initial supply of supplements.


Nutritional Plan

You’ll work with one of our functional nutritionists to customize a nutrition plan that will fit your lifestyle and your body’s unique needs. Plus, we’ll supply you with helpful resources like meal plans, grocery lists, and healthy recipes.


Follow-Up Visits

We cater to your physical, chemical, and emotional needs during each visit. During each follow-up, we will discuss how you're feeling, provide recommendations for your unique set of symptoms, and educate you on how to make simple adjustments to your daily life for a healthier you.


Optimal Health

We aim to get your body to a place where it can heal itself. Where you can have that slice of pizza and not suffer for days with chronic symptoms. Where your mind, body, and gut are working in unison to help you feel healthy and energized.