We think the best way for you to see how great we are is by coming in, but a good close second is hearing what our patients are saying about us!

  • “Since the program, my energy level has skyrocketed.  But one of the best benefits was regulating my menstrual cycle.  It was very heavy and unpredictable.  Through the program, it was uncovered that not only was my digestive system not working properly but I also had a hormone imbalance.”

  • “I decided to come to Creating Wellness because I wanted a change in my life dealing with stress and anxiety. Coming to the center has changed me in many ways. Having more energy to do the things I didn’t want to do before. I noticed a change in about 2 months. The staff is wonderful, very kind and friendly! Dr. Pollack has made a difference in my life and I am very grateful!”

  • “I was suffering from food and ragweed allergies and my face was covered with hives. I no longer wanted to mask my symptoms with antihistamines. I wanted to find the route cause and find the natural route to a cure. Dr. Pollack led me through a systematic protocol of detoxing my lymph system, kidney, liver, intestines and adrenals through enzyme supplementation. I radically changed my diet and ate whole, healthy, green-type foods and slowly but surely I was delivered from my digestive problems that were the root cause of my allergies and hives.”

Come in today and see for yourself what Dr. Pollack and the team at Creating Wellness Center of Commack can do for you!