Grass-Fed Meat is actually good for you! Unlike commercially raised meat (fed genetically modified corn and soy), Grass-Fed meat contains Omega-3 fat profiles similar to wild fish. It also contains less saturated fats than commercial-grade meat and contains other healthy compounds like CLA, which has shown a great aid in weight loss. Grass-fed meat can be an excellent part of a cleanse diet for natural detox as well as part of a healthy regular diet. A variety of grass-fed meat and other healthy food products are available at the link above. US Wellness Meats, the company we’ve chosen to partner with, has trusted, quality products we serve to our own families. Dr. Pollack is a big fan of the 85% Lean Sirloin Burgers!

Click on the link below for orders and additional information about grass-fed meat. For more information on this and other detox foods, contact Pollack Wellness Institute and ask to meet with a nutritionist!