Functional Medicine

Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine in that it focuses on the body’s basic functions and its innate ability to heal. Restoring the body to its optimal function, supporting the body’s systems, and enhancing overall wellness are at the core of this methodology.

Conventional medicine is based on the practice of matching the medication to the symptom set, rather than treating the root cause. While this practice works well for trauma care, infection, and acute diseases, it does not successfully resolve chronic conditions. Instead, the 133 million Americans with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, arthritis, or other chronic conditions1 might live a lifetime of medication without achieving wellness.

What Is Functional Medicine?

This rapidly growing approach focuses on the 3 basic functions of the body: digestion, hormone balance, and immunity/inflammation. When these systems function as intended we can heal or repair almost any illness or imbalance. Functional medicine physicians seek to find out why the function has been lost and provide treatment to restore and strengthen the affected system.

Allergies, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, metabolic issues, and neurological symptoms are prime examples where symptoms are actually pointing to loss of system functionality rather than infection or injury. These are the areas where alternative medicine offers new solutions.

Individualized and Empowered Health Care

Changing the perspective of medicine means our doctors realize:

  • We are all genetically and biochemically unique and need personalized care to treat the unique individual rather than the textbook disease.
  • A fully functional body can reverse disease symptoms, while medication alone may only mask them.
  • A science-based approach recognizes the complex interrelations between the functional systems of the body and what causes them to break down.
  • Looking upstream for the cause rather than downstream at the symptoms allows reversal of disease, rather than just the management of disease.
  • Each patient’s unique genetic makeup and environment affect their total functioning and should be considered essential knowledge before treatment.
  • Wellness is more than the absence of disease; it is characterized by a state of vitality.
  • Taking the time to learn about and truly listen to patients allows doctors to partner with them to create optimal health.
  • Success should be measured by the patient’s increased vitality and well-being, not just by statistics and lab results.

Chronic Illness

Experience the Advancements for Yourself

By bringing together the best modern medical practices with alternative and integrative medicine, we provide holistic health and whole-body wellness. Integrating strategies like nutritional coaching, supported weight-loss, supplementation, acupuncture, detoxification, and relaxation allows the practitioners at Pollack Wellness Institute to help you create your optimal wellness.

Ancient healing practices meld seamlessly with modern science and evidence-based research to bring about true healing for our patients. Breaking the costly cycle of symptom medication allows investment into healing treatments that support the full and optimal functionality of your body. Reach out to our functional medicine institute in Long Island, NY, and experience the resolution, renewal, and revivification that functional medicine provides.