That fad detox-cleanse isn’t new; cleansing the body of its poisons and toxins has been practiced by man for thousands of years. Many cultures cleanse at the change of seasons to using purification techniques for specific health issues. At Pollack Wellness Institute, we offer multiple non-invasive detox cleanse strategies optimizing specific techniques to the individual as well as planning for the correct timing for optimal stress free cleansing. Many wellness centers promote cleansing as a first line approach to healing. At Pollack Wellness Institute, we believe cleansing techniques like a liver detox or colon cleanse can be an intense process that should be performed optimally after significant healing and strength has been achieved. This ensures an easier cleansing process with significantly less issues (Herxheimer reactions) and more full and complete detox cleanse due to a properly functioning body. Cleansing can be a powerful way to accelerate healing, increase energy, repair certain health issues, and stimulate weight loss. To learn more about starting the right detox cleanse for your body, contact the team at Pollack Wellness Institute in Commack!